The Ultimate Blogger's Guide to Google Web Stories: From Basics to Pro Tips

 1. Introduction to Creating Web Stories on Blogger

Creating web stories on Blogger is easy! Start by logging into your Blogger account and go to the dashboard. Click on "New Post" and then hit "Insert." Choose "Web Stories" from the menu to kick off the process.

2. Monetizing web stories:

Monetizing Web Stories is easy with Google AdSense, AdX, or Grumft. For AdSense, sign up, add the code, create AMP-compatible Web Stories, and add ads. AdX needs an eligible site, sign up for Ad Manager, create Web Stories, set up ad campaigns, and add ads. Grumft, a user-friendly ad network, requires Ad Manager sign-up, registration with Grumft, Web Story creation, and adding ads while following their policies. Track your revenue. Sponsorships and selling products are other options. Choose what suits your website and follow network policies for the best results.

3. Comprehensive Blogger's Guide to Google Web Stories

If you want a deeper understanding, there's a comprehensive guide for bloggers. It covers everything – from what Google Web Stories are to tips for creating the best ones. There's even a step-by-step tutorial for making web stories on WordPress using the Google Web Stories plugin. Google Web Stories, introduced in 2018 as AMP Stories, are a captivating web-based storytelling format. With over 20 million online, they appear in Google Discover, Search, Images, and websites. Creating engaging, visually rich content, they facilitate immersive storytelling, editorial freedom, and complete control. Optimization for SEO is crucial, with high-quality content, natural interlinking, and adherence to Google guidelines. Tools like the Google Web Stories WordPress plugin and MakeStories simplify creation, while benefits include brand development, increased traffic, and analytics support.

4. Benefits of Google Web Stories

Google Web Stories, powered by AMP technology, offer full-screen experiences. Bloggers benefit by reaching new audiences, creating engaging content, driving traffic, and making money through AdSense, Mediavine, sponsored stories, or affiliate links. Google Web Stories are a game-changer for businesses. Brands like USA Today and ELLE are using them for compelling storytelling. Unlike Instagram or Facebook Stories, Web Stories last as long as your webpage exists, reaching a broader audience. They load faster with AMP technology, boosting SEO and Google ranking. You own your content, and MakeStories offers easy publishing options. Monetize with programmatic ads and track performance using Google Analytics. Benefit from real-time notifications and enjoy complete creative freedom. Make the most of this effective tool for brand storytelling!

6.web stories earnings

While directly monetizing stories is tricky, you can insert ads, sell ad space, or use affiliate links. Promote products or services in your stories and drive traffic to your website. Make money through ads, product sales, courses, or affiliate links on your regular pages. Google Web Stories are evolving, so explore various strategies to maximize their value for content creators, publishers, and consumers.

5. Using Google Web Stories WordPress Plugin 

The article explores creating web stories on WordPress using the Google Web Stories plugin. It details the process from downloading the plugin to publishing and promoting the story. 

6. Embedding Web Stories in Existing Sites with Web Stories Editor for WordPress

Excitingly, the Web Stories Editor for WordPress version 1.5 makes it easy to embed stories into existing sites. Popular themes like Astra, Neve, Newspack, and WordPress core default themes support this integration, offering creative storytelling possibilities.

7. Understanding Google Web Stories Significance and Examples

A section explains what Google Web Stories are, their significance, ownership, and gives examples of brands using them effectively. The creation process involves storyboarding, SEO considerations, content types, adding media, text, and page attachments. Google Web Stories are a unique way to share content on your website, different from social media stories. They're full-screen slides on mobile devices, offering complete creative control with AMP Technology. Unlike social media, you own and customize your stories, with no time limits. This boosts reach, SEO, and ad content possibilities. Create them using plugins like Web Stories for WordPress, tools like MakeStories, or Shopify's ProductStories app. For help, consider Hurrdat Marketing's services to enhance your digital marketing strategy.

8. Tracking Results and Google Analytics Setup

To track web story results, set up a separate Google Analytics property. The article provides tips for making effective web stories and stresses the importance of submitting the web story XML sitemap to Google. Online consumers spend around seven hours a day, and eCommerce is expected to hit $7.4 trillion by 2025. Smart merchants must invest in content for long-term results. Google Analytics is crucial for tracking content ROI, helping identify lead sources, optimize budget spending, unlock SEO wins, boost customer loyalty, and gain confidence. Key metrics include sessions, users, pageviews, pages per session, average session duration, bounce rate, percent of new sessions, conversion rate, referral sources, community engagement, and individual page performance. Ensure accurate tracking, set realistic KPIs, segment metrics, stay updated, and supplement with backups for successful content marketing.

9. Highlighting Tools for Creating Google Web Stories

Various tools make creating Google Web Stories easier, including the Web Stories by Google Plugin, Newsroom AI, and Make Stories. Each tool has unique features like drag-and-drop interfaces, templates, and integration options.

10. Enhancing User Experiences with Google Web Stories

Google Web Stories offer content creators a chance to enhance user experiences. With integration into WordPress themes and accessible tools, making visually appealing and engaging web stories has never been more achievable.


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