Revolutionizing Power: Betavolt's BV100 Nuclear Battery


In a groundbreaking development, Beijing-based startup Betavolt has introduced the BV100, a nuclear battery that promises to power devices continuously for an impressive 50 years without the need for recharging or maintenance. This miniature atomic energy device, smaller than a coin, operates on a unique combination of nuclear isotopes, highlighting its potential applications across various industries.

The BV100 Technology:

Let us see, how does a nuclear battery work. Betavolt's BV100 utilizes a sophisticated combination of 63 nuclear isotopes and diamond semiconductors to convert the energy released by the decay of nuclear isotopes, specifically nickel-63, into electricity. The miniaturized battery measures a mere 15x15x5 cubic millimeters, yet delivers 100 microwatts of power at 3 volts. Notably, the company has ambitious plans to produce a 1-watt version by 2025.

The layered design of the BV100 not only prevents fire or explosions in response to external forces but also allows the battery to operate in a wide temperature range from -60°C to 120°C. This robust design positions the BV100 as a versatile power source for a myriad of applications.

Safety and Environmental Friendliness:

One of Betavolt's key assertions is the safety of its atomic energy battery. The BV100 is designed with no external radiation, making it suitable for applications in sensitive areas, including medical devices like pacemakers. Furthermore, the battery's layered structure ensures safety by preventing potential hazards in response to sudden force.

From an environmental standpoint, Betavolt emphasizes the eco-friendliness of the BV100. After the decay period, the nickel-63 isotopes transform into a stable, non-radioactive copper isotope, mitigating concerns about pollution or long-term environmental impact.

Energy Density and Storage Capacity:

The BV100 boasts an impressive energy density, exceeding that of traditional lithium batteries by over 10 times. In a single gram, the nuclear battery can store a remarkable 3,300 megawatts. This remarkable energy density positions the BV100 as a potential game-changer in the energy storage landscape, offering compact yet powerful solutions for various technological applications.

Applications Across Industries:

Betavolt envisions a wide array of applications for the BV100 across diverse industries. From aerospace and AI equipment to medical devices, microprocessors, drones, and micro-robots, the nuclear battery's potential impact is vast. Its ability to provide continuous power for 50 years without the need for charging aligns with the growing demand for long-lasting, reliable power sources in modern technology.

Military Applications:

Beyond civilian applications, the BV100 opens doors to military use. The continuous power supply could revolutionize military devices, enabling continuously flying drones and deep-sea monitoring devices.

This aspect of the technology positions Betavolt as a key player in advancing military capabilities through sustainable and enduring power solutions.

Challenges and Concerns:

Despite the optimism surrounding Betavolt's BV100, challenges and concerns persist. Questions about nuclear safety, radiation protection, and the recycling challenges associated with the long lifespan of these batteries need careful consideration. Addressing these concerns will be crucial for the widespread adoption of nuclear batteries in various industries.

Mass Production Plans:

Betavolt is not stopping at innovation; the company plans to commence mass production of the BV100 by the end of the year. This move could potentially accelerate the integration of nuclear batteries into mainstream technology, marking a significant shift in how we power and sustain our electronic devices.

Future Prospects:

As Betavolt continues to refine and expand its nuclear battery technology, the BV100 could be a pioneering force in reshaping the electronics industry. The prospect of eliminating the need for chargers and power banks, providing a continuous power supply for devices like smartphones and drones, presents a tantalizing vision for the future of technology.


In conclusion, Betavolt's BV100 nuclear battery stands at the forefront of technological innovation, promising a sustainable and long-lasting power solution for a myriad of applications. From its safety features to its potential military applications, the BV100 opens new possibilities for the integration of nuclear energy in our daily lives. As we eagerly await the mass production of this groundbreaking technology, the BV100 signals a potential paradigm shift in how we perceive and harness power for the ever-evolving landscape of electronic devices.


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