Facial beauty become more important thing now a days. Our beauty depends on our dietary habits, exercise, skin care maintenance, life style etc., Our skin is also a one of organs of our body. But most of us don’t make any care on our skin, until we are getting any issues on it. Skin is doing a very important role for our body to keep us safe from infections and sick. Sone of the facial issues we are facing is acnes, acne sects, aging spots, wrinkles, sagging skin etc.,. Aging is a common process so we can’t stop it and the skin appearance while we are aging. But some people will look older even in their earlier years also. For them following some medical advises will have more helpful. 


          Instead of drinking tea or coffee when we wake up in the morning, we can consume water or Fenugreek water or coconut milk regularly. Because they give immunity to us. These immunity boosters will help to remove germs present in pimples. We can consume fresh fruits instead of preferring more chemical products. Also applying some skin beneficial fruits on our skin since they give additional boost up.

Meditation and exercise:

          No matter how busy the schedule is, spend at least 15 to 20 minutes for meditation and exercise. Exercise not only for your body but it is there for your skin also. By this we can not only improve our beauty but also it reduces the wrinkles. But as aging its common for everyone getting wrinkles. But we can delay wrinkling from happening it earlier. Its very important to have proper sleep(at least 6 hours) and stress free mind. 


          Uv rays are observed by our skin and become a layer (melanin pigmentation) tan. Although it may not be visible at the initial stage, it will gradually (after 15 years) go through the layers under the skin and become permanent pigmentation. Laser therapy will be a remedy for these tans. Ladies are affected by this than gents. This is called melasma. Affected people will have brownish patch on both cheeks. This can be solved by long-term treatment. After upgrading the layers of the skin from the top layer to layer by layer, we can go for laser therapy. By this way it is treated.

Facial hair:

          Some women are affected by this issue. They have hairs on their face as like as gents. Such as bear, and mustache. Due to this they even can’t get out from their house. For them a treatment which is know as laser hair reduction is preferable. It will not remove the hair. But it will reduce the speed of growth of hair gradually. It is a long term procedure. It will be done as 15 sessions, as one session for 3 weeks. So it may take about an year.  At the start of treatment for tan etc., they will give hydra facial. In this by applying serum and something which give hydration to our skin, they will stimulate the blood circulation of our face so our face will become somewhat glowing. Then they will start treatment by analyzing our skin type and issues. 


          Everything has a solution and treatment. So don’t loose confidence and be embarrassed. Our mental health also plays a crucial role in outer appearance. Confidence is the key for everything. Don’t get confused and mess up with all medicines together go for a proper medication depending upon the severity of your skin problem.

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